BOSS 302 : Then and Now

$ 16.00

During the late sixties, the Mustang was getting beat up and having it’s lunch money stolen on the racetrack. The pony car segment was crowded and competitive. Ford needed something new to acquire checkered flags and adoring consumers. The result was the Boss 302 Mustang – a legacy that continues with the 2012 Boss Mustang.

It's little surprise to most that know me - I have a soft spot for muscle cars, Mustangs, to be more specific - I've owned and modified many. Nobody was more excited to learn about the reintroduction of the Boss Mustang to professional racing. The original Boss and other domestic legends of the 60s and 70s were the source of my muscle car obsession.

I was even more pleased to learn of the first victory by Multimatic Motorsports in the modern Boss 302R in the same livery worn by Parnelli Jones during the first championship of the Boss. It got me to thinking...

The final illustration is on 19"x13" trim cotton paper with museum archival inks. SHIPPED FLAT.  Every print is registered and can be customized for an individual. Enter name in checkout.


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